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Fleet Maintenance Software

FleetPal Is Built Better: From The Ground Up

We Deliver the Software Solutions Your Preventive Maintenance Plan Needs
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

FleetPal is dedicated to the idea that all-size fleets in the commercial trucking industry need and deserve the same powerful software solutions that giant national fleets rely on to keep things rolling.

FleetPal’s client-focused approach to developing and delivering solutions is built on solid foundations that support premium features and the open-ended potential of data integration. That’s why we say that FleetPal is built better from the ground up.

How Did FleetPal Build Better Preventive Maintenance Management Software?

FleetPal doesn’t try to compete with the all-in-one fleet management software bundles that try to be everything to everyone. There are plenty of options out there if that’s the direction you want to head in.

We hear from Fleet Managers every day that they’re tired of paying too much for software that doesn’t deliver results on their preventive maintenance plan. We decided to focus on solutions for them.

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Client-Focused Solutions Are What FleetPal Is All About

FleetPal isn’t all-in-one and it isn’t one-size-fits-all. We wanted to make our software solutions a tool that fleets can customize to their own unique needs. One that will not only fuel the growth of your business but grow with you as you cross more goals off of your to-do list.

VMRS Code Structure

For over half a century, the VMRS codes from the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA) have been the common language for everything from adding assets to routine maintenance to monitoring total cost of ownership. By building on the foundation that VMRS codes offer, FleetPal is standing on the shoulders of giants.

truck with issues diagnosed using vmrs codes
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Data Integration

FleetPal knows that preventive maintenance is just one of many complex operations that combine to keep your fleet rolling and your business growing. We focus on doing what we do best but we also want to make it easy for you to get more from all of your software solutions. So, we make data integration between all of your software tools simple to set-up, easy to maintain, and a benefit to the big picture.