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Fleet Maintenance Software

It's All About Your Fleet:
Fleet Maintenance Software That Works

The First Thing You Need to Know About FleetPal Connect Is That Our Fleet Maintenance Software Was Built To Work For You!

Our Client-Focused Solutions Are Designed to Help Your Fleet Grow!

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

What makes FleetPal the right choice for your fleet maintenance software?

We are a partner to fleets in the commercial trucking industry. We’ve built fleet maintenance software solutions that give you the big-time tools you need to make preventive maintenance plan management simple, powerful, and affordable.

The foundations, features, and capabilities of FleetPal are tailor-made to help growing fleets get more from preventive maintenance. We built our tools using the VMRS codes structure as a foundation. The premium features empower partnerships with service providers and data integration. With more control over the total cost of ownership, fleet management can focus on goals and growth.

If you want to fuel your fleet’s growth, you need to make sure that your maintenance plan is propelling your operations forward rather than weighing your team down. Managing everything that goes into a preventive maintenance plan can be an uphill battle without the right tools for the job. FleetPal is the tool that your fleet needs.

fleet management software on computer checking for preventive maintenance, current fleet issues and tco

Simplify Preventive Maintenance Without Sacrificing Control

Does it seem like your fleet’s preventive maintenance plan depends more on doing data-entry than it does on turning wrenches? There’s a lot to keep track of and even when you’re using spreadsheets or fleet shop software. If your software solution doesn’t manage data in the common language of the trucking industry, you’ve probably got to re-enter way too much information way too often.

FleetPal uses the VMRS codes, developed by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA). That means all of your fleet’s data will be recorded in the common language that OEMs, aftermarket manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and repair shops use to classify parts and labor.

Building on top of VMRS gives FleetPal a solid foundation that makes our software tools the right solution for commercial trucking fleets.

Fleet Maintenance Software Keeps Your Fleet Rolling!

Fleets rely on relationships to cover a lot of services that keep trucks rolling down the road. Finding service providers you can count on and managing the paperwork and logistics from outside repairs can turn into a full-time job. But that isn’t where your time and energy need to be going if you’re trying to grow your fleet.

The FleetPal platform keeps your fleet’s assets on schedule with maintenance and inspection routines that you customize to your needs. When issues are identified and you need outside help to get the job done, the system’s Issue Tracker makes deals with service providers an efficient process.

Tools that help you build partnerships and collaborate effectively are the core of what FleetPal does to deliver valuable, client-focused solutions to your fleet.

Building on top of VMRS gives FleetPal a solid foundation that makes our fleet maintenance software tools the right solution for commercial trucking fleets.

a three truck fleet, two trucks that are in commission and one truck that is in need of maintenance
truck on route from point a to point b, in the middle of the route is a computer with fleetpal pulled up

A Difference That Makes A Difference When The Rubber Hits The Road

When it comes to controlling total cost of ownership, fleet management is all about collecting the data you need to make better decisions and turning it into reports that you can use without getting bogged down in details.

That means that you need your fleet maintenance software to capture everything important. But you also want it to do the work of boiling it down to actionable information for you.

FleetPal integrates with your other software tools to help you get more from telematics, inventory, accounting, data visualization, and other solutions you rely on. That means you get ready-to-use data on costs, component lifetimes, and other KPIs as well as the capability to tie that information into departmental decisions without adding to the manual workload.

With powerful management tools and insightful reporting at your fingertips, steering your fleet’s growth becomes predictable, reliable, and verifiable.