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Fleet Maintenance Software

Built Better: Bridging Fleet Data Integration

Fleet Data Integration Is The Key to Preventive Maintenance That Does More For Your Fleet
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

If the VMRS code structure is the foundation of the FleetPal platform and premium features are what give you customized control over the total cost of ownership for your assets, data integration is what connects our fleet maintenance solutions to the other tools you use to manage your operations.

Fleets need the performance you expect to get from a high-end fleet management software bundle. But they need those solutions for an investment that fits their budget. FleetPal delivers benefits and results that can match or outperform those expensive bundles—and you can have it for a fraction of the price.

By combining a number of features in one user-friendly platform, our tech makes it easy for fleets of all sizes to manage.

By focusing on fleet maintenance, we’ve been able to find ways to help fleets get better returns from their preventive maintenance plan. Because we know that maintenance is just one piece of the puzzle Fleet Managers have to stay on top of, we made our software tools easy to integrate with the rest of the solutions you use to make growing your fleet manageable.

a computer showing a driver the nearest place to get help during emergency breakdown

Get the Power to Customize Your Fleet Management Software Tools

High-end fleet management software bundles try to do it all. Unfortunately, that usually means that they lock you into sky-high subscription fees or force you to purchase the software and hire support staff. It’s even worse when you consider the likelihood that they lock you into a rigid solution to your preventive maintenance plan challenges that can’t deliver the results you need.

FleetPal gives you the flexibility to build a customized preventive maintenance plan on solid foundations thanks to the VMRS code structure. FleetPal delivers all of the premium features you would expect from those high-end bundles. More benefits from a tool that is easier to afford is a better solution to the challenges you face.

Let FleetPal handle your preventive maintenance plan and it can help you connect and combine the benefits from your other software tools through simple fleet data integration.

Data Integration Means Clear Communication and Reliable Reporting

Does your fleet maintenance software force you to do more data-entry when information needs to go into a work order, an invoice, your internal parts inventory, or your telematics system? Doing data-entry over and over not only forces your team to spend time doing something other than the work you need them to do—it increases the likelihood of errors that can snowball into big problems.

FleetPal is easy to integrate with your fleet’s other software solutions:

Keep the tools you choose to use for the other parts of your operation while you get the performance and benefits you need from your preventive maintenance management software.

Integrations 1
Integrations 2

Find Out How to Make FleetPal A Part of Your Fleet’s Tech Toolkit

When you’re looking for tools to help you get better results from your preventive maintenance plan, you don’t want to have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Some solutions offer an all-or-nothing approach to fleet management software that means you’ll have to change everything you’ve been doing just to do better with your maintenance plan. Other solutions offer you low-cost solutions to preventive maintenance that force you to do more work to tie maintenance data into the rest of your operation.

FleetPal gives you premium preventive maintenance solutions with the benefit of easy fleet data integration. A tool that gives you what you need at a price you can afford and the ability to integrate with your other software solutions—what more do you need to build a better future for your fleet?

Learn How Integration Can Minimize Data Entry and Improve Accuracy

Fleet Data Integration gives you powerful insights into your business operations, the equipment that gets the work done, and the people doing the work. When you combine those insights with an automated and streamlined process for maintaining equipment and reporting maintenance activities and costs, you get business insights that inform better decision making.

FleetPal Connect is dedicated to providing the solutions that will make fleets more competitive in the challenging business environment of today’s trucking industry.
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