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Fleet Maintenance Software

Fuel Your Fleet’s Future!

The key to better fleet management is increasing the amount of control that you have over your fleet’s operations without complicating the process or adding to the amount of work that you and your team have to do.
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs
Inventory Management Software is a powerful tool for fleets that handle some or all of their maintenance and repair activities in-house. As fleets grow, they can take advantage of economies of scale to increase profitability by taking control of more and more of their operation. In-house maintenance is a great way to control the cost of keeping assets rolling and avoiding breakdowns.

Combining the power of inventory management software and preventive maintenance management software helps fleets automate the process and delivers greater insight and more control. It’s a great way to fuel your fleet’s future and get the process right—right away.

Built Better: Inventory Management Integration Adds Value 1

Increased Control—Added Value

Integrating the data from your fleet’s inventory management software with FleetPal’s preventive maintenance management software will bring enhanced accuracy, organization, and efficiency to your operations. You’ll see the benefits in the form of increased convenience and improved cost control. Get more from your fleet maintenance software tools through data integration.


Data integration between your fleet’s parts inventory and fleet maintenance services gives you more control over your fleet’s operations. When you make your software tools work together, they do more for you. That lets you focus more of your time and attention on the big picture. That’s what it takes to fuel your fleet’s future.

Built Better: Inventory Management Integration Adds Value 2
Built Better: Inventory Management Integration Adds Value 3


Wasted minutes can add up quickly and unproductive hours rob your fleet’s profitability. When that happens, you lose control of opportunities to grow your business and take care of your people and assets. Make sure your staff never has to waste time looking for inventory that is poorly organized. Make sure your equipment and drivers don’t suffer from downtime caused by waiting for the right parts to be in the right place at the right time.


It’s easy to optimize inventory levels and keep track of where your parts inventory is located and where it is needed when you integrate inventory management software with FleetPal’s fleet maintenance software. Close the loop on your maintenance data to help purchasing, accounting, and maintenance staff ‘stay ready’ to take care of your trucks, trailers, and drivers.

a computer showing a driver the nearest place to get help during emergency breakdown
a truck next to a computer, stopwatch and calculator


Technology is an extremely useful tool. But to get the most out of your tools you have to use them the right way. If your fleet is paying for inventory management software and fleet maintenance software but the two platforms aren’t integrated—you’re either working too hard or getting less than you could be. You may be suffering from both problems at the same time. Let technology do as much as it can for your fleet. Make your software tools work together so that they can do more for you.

Cost Control

When you combine the power of your inventory management software with the premium features of FleetPal Connect, you get more control over your fleet’s maintenance and repair budget. Eliminate the expense of over-stocked parts inventory without risking the wasteful spending that comes with expediting shipping on out-of-stock parts that you need right away. Get a clear view of component lifetime to know whether you’re getting the best return from the parts that you purchase. The power to do more with less effort can be on your dashboard.

Built Better: Inventory Management Integration Adds Value 4