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Fleet Maintenance Software

Fuel Your Fleet’s Future!

The key to better fleet management is increasing the amount of control that you have over your fleet’s operations without complicating the process or adding to the amount of work that you and your team have to do.
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Telematics is one of the most versatile and powerful technologies available to the commercial trucking industry. Whether your fleet gets Telematics functionality through your Electronic Logging Device (ELD) or through a full-suite Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) package, it’s a safe bet that you have telematics in your fleet’s toolkit.

Are you getting all of the benefits from your telematics tools that you should be? Integrating telematics and fleet maintenance management software streamlines your operations and magnifies the benefits of each tool. FleetPal Connect was designed to easily integrate with all of the premier telematics systems serving the commercial trucking industry.

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Bigger Benefits—Better For Your Bottom Line

Integrating FleetPal Connect with your fleet’s Telematics software will increase efficiency, organization, and convenience. Combining the power of GPS tracking with the premium features of our preventive maintenance management software will keep your fleet connected and compliant while helping you get more from diagnostics and do more for profitability.


Data integration between FleetPal’s fleet maintenance software and telematics tools reduces time-consuming data entry without sacrificing the speed and clarity of communications. Help drivers on the road, maintenance staff in the shop, and service providers around the country work together for better outcomes.

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Integrated telematics and maintenance software handles the scheduling of routine preventive maintenance events. Eliminate the waste and frustration that comes with assets being double-booked between the service bay and the highway.


If you’re already using both telematics and fleet maintenance software to manage your fleet’s operations but you haven’t integrated the software, you’re doing more work than you need to. Integrating software tools allows them to share data. Enjoy more powerful reporting without adding to your workload to get it.

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Built Better: Integrate With Telematics to Increase the Benefits 2


Combining the powerful GPS Tracking of Telematics with the FleetPal Mobile App and cloud-based software helps your drivers, maintenance team, and office support work together whether they’re all in the same building or separated by a continent. The FleetPal Service Provider Network makes it easy for your team to locate and communicate with third parties when a helping hand is what you need.


Data integration between your telematics platform and fleet maintenance software gives you more control over your fleet’s compliance with Federal regulations on safety, hours of service, and more.

Built Better: Integrate With Telematics to Increase the Benefits 3
Built Better: Integrate With Telematics to Increase the Benefits 4


Integrating the data from fleet maintenance software and your telematics tools gives you easier access to their combined insights. See driver behaviors, route details, and job types in combination with inspection reports and maintenance data. Bring clarity to the who, what, where, when, and why of your fleet’s maintenance budget.


When you increase your control while reducing your workload you get more time to focus on the big picture. When you get better insights and a more complete picture from multiple data streams without having to struggle to get it, making profitable business decisions gets easier. That’s a benefit that pays off immediately and over the long-term.

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Integrated Partners​

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