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Fleet Maintenance Software

Premium Fleet Management Software Features

FleetPal Gives You Control of Your PM Plan with Fleet Management Software Features That Deliver Results.
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

FleetPal's fleet management software features bring powerful preventive maintenance management the commercial trucking industry.

We deliver the premium fleet management software features that you expect to get from expensive fleet management platforms through cloud-based fleet maintenance software that suits your fleet’s maintenance budget.

Choose a tool that combines VMRS codes, premium features, and easy data integration to make preventive maintenance plan management simple and streamlined!

FleetPal Makes Premium Fleet Maintenance Software Features Affordable!

FleetPal was designed from the ground up to be the ideal software solution for all-sized truck fleet maintenance plans.

The VMRS code structure is the foundation of everything the FleetPal platform does to make fleet preventive maintenance manageable. We layered premium features on top of that foundation to give you the tools you need like:

A Responsive Issue Tracker

      • Notifications
      • Alerts
      • Deals
  • Tire Tracker
  • Warranty Tracker
  • Fleet Maintenance App
  • Service Provider Network

In addition to the premium fleet maintenance software features that we built into the FleetPal platform, we made it easy for you to integrate data in the FleetPal system with software solutions that you use for: Telematics, Inventory, Accounting, Data Visualization, and More!

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Dashboard

Preventive Maintenance Templates

Asset templates let you get every nut and bolt from each piece of equipment in your fleet into the system using the VMRS codes. Inspection templates keep drivers and maintenance crews in the loop so that assets get the inspections and maintenance they need to keep rolling. Scheduling windows give your plan the flexibility to adapt to changes when daily operations don’t let you stick to the plan.

Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker is the keystone that ties all of the features of the FleetPal system together. It is the hub at the center of asset and inspection templates, schedules, maintenance and repair issues, deals with your service provider network, and FleetPal’s management tools and reporting dashboard.

Features 1
person at desk, dolly full of tires and a semi truck

Tire Tracker

Tires tend to be the largest component category in a trucking fleet’s maintenance budget. The FleetPal tire tracker is a premium feature that goes beyond the VMRS code structure to deliver additional details and insights that will help fleet managers make better decisions about how they invest in tires.

Warranty Tracker

When fleets invest in new equipment or aftermarket warranty coverage for their assets, they need to make sure that they do everything they can to maximize the returns on that investment. When you don’t have a whole department monitoring your fleet’s warranty programs, you need tools to help you make sure that covered parts and labor don’t get overlooked until it’s too late.

Features 2
telematics software on computer

Fleet Maintenance App

If your fleet is making money, that means that most of your drivers and equipment are somewhere other than the shop, the yard, or the office. FleetPal Connect is a fleet maintenance app that keeps drivers connected with your fleet’s maintenance department and a nationwide service provider network.

Available on Google Play and the App Store.

Service Provider Network

Even when your fleet is on a preventive maintenance plan, there are going to be times when you need to find a repair shop you can trust. Whether you need service providers to handle routine maintenance or help out in an emergency, the FleetPal platform and FleetPal Connect mobile app make working with service providers you can trust simple and straightforward.

computer tracking fleets with location points

FleetPal's Premium Fleet Maintenance Software Features Meet Your Fleet's Needs

FleetPal gives fleet managers the tools they need to stay on top of their fleet’s preventive maintenance plan. From the rock-solid foundation provided by the VMRS codes to premium features and easy integration with other software tools, FleetPal is tailor-made for all-size fleets from the ground up!

If you have any questions about FleetPal's features, reach out!