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Fleet Maintenance Software

Issue Tracker

FleetPal’s Issue Tracker is the Hub That Keeps Your Preventive Maintenance Plan on Track
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

FleetPal delivers preventive maintenance plan management to fleets of all sizes.

The Issue Tracker is the hub of the FleetPal platform. It connects templates and schedules to issues and service providers. It delivers data to the reporting you see on your dashboard.

Sometimes you know when to expect a maintenance issue. By tracking component lifetime, you can schedule maintenance events before emergency breakdowns occur.

Sometimes routine inspection schedules identify issues that you wouldn’t have caught otherwise. To get the benefits that come with being ahead of the curve, you need to make sure the issue gets resolved.

The FleetPal Issue Tracker:

  • Brings every maintenance event into the system
  • Tells you what needs to happen
  • Makes sure the work gets done
  • AND
  • Delivers data that tracks progress over time.

The FleetPal Issue Tracker Makes Sure Maintenance Needs Get Identified and Resolved

Anyone on your team can use FleetPal to generate an issue. Once the report is in the system, the information is sharable with your team and with service partners. That makes it easy to steer the issue through the process to a final resolution

The FleetPal Issue Tracker records and shares important information:

  • Summary: The person generating the report can provide a brief summary in their own words.
  • Priority: Assign the issue Low, Medium, or High priority.
  • Unit Information: Pull the unit info directly from the Unit feature in FleetPal Connect and update hour and mileage information.
  • Location: Use GPS data to identify the closest repair shops and other resources.
  • Component: Use our VMRS coded component checklist to identify what work needs to be done, the vehicle’s condition, the reason for repair, and whether it is a scheduled, non-scheduled, or emergency repair.
  • Description: The person generating the report can provide a more detailed description in their own words.
  • Attachments: Upload photos, video, or other file types to make reporting, assessing, and resolving the issue more efficient.
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issue tracker

Notifications Make Sure that Preventive Maintenance Tasks Don’t Slip Through the Cracks

The most recent American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) annual report tells us that the cost of operating a fleet continues to go up. Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to be proactive about controlling costs. Make sure your profits can be reinvested!

When an asset has put in the miles or hours of operation to tell you it is approaching the end of a component’s lifetime—you’ll be notified.

That’s how you avoid costly roadside breakdowns and unscheduled emergency repairs.

They’re the avoidable problems that disrupt your operation, cost your fleet money, and impact customer satisfaction.

Alerts Help Your Prioritize the Maintenance Demands of Your Fleet’s Equipment

The FleetPal Issue Tracker allows your team to prioritize maintenance events according to Repair Priority Class as well as the actual Priority Level for the specific event.

Tracking priority two different ways lets you see whether maintenance is required according to schedule or is discovered by an unscheduled event or emergency.

It also lets everyone know if resolving it is low, medium, or high priority.

issue tracker
a truck next to a computer, stopwatch and calculator

Track Issues Through Resolution With the Deals Feature

Once an issue is created in the FleetPal system—use that issue to request quotes and proposals from internal departments or repair shops in the FleetPal service provider network.

Issues attach to assets in the system so that drivers and maintenance staff stay informed.

Issues stay open until resolved to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Everything gets prioritized so that your team can get ahead and stay ahead of your equipment’s maintenance requirements.

Preventive Maintenance Management That Is Responsive to Your Fleet’s Needs

At FleetPal, we know that setting up and sticking to a preventive maintenance plan is a big investment of time and effort for all fleets. Our goal is to make sure that all of your work pays off in immediate benefits and long-term savings.

The Issue Tracker is our solution to all of the complexity that fleets encounter when trying to put a lot of moving pieces onto a schedule and stick to it. Making it happen has big benefits for your bottom line, but getting those benefits can’t get in the way of getting the job done.

FleetPal delivers premium features in a package that lines up with all-sized fleets’ needs in the commercial trucking industry. Use our tools to help you build your fleet’s future on a solid foundation.

a computer showing maintenance that needs to be done and paid for