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Fleet Maintenance Software

Preventive Maintenance Templates

Customizable Preventive Maintenance Templates Are The Building Blocks of a PM Plan That Puts You in Control.
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs
FleetPal is preventive maintenance management software that is built to deliver big-time solutions to all-sized fleets. Preventive maintenance templates are the building blocks of the FleetPal platform. Templates let you customize the tools to your fleet’s specific needs.

For years, Fleet Managers have been forced to choose between high-end fleet management software bundles or low-cost fleet maintenance software with thin, rigid features.

Most fleets can’t justify the cost of full-suite fleet management packages but they need the performance those products deliver. 

That’s Where FleetPal Comes In!

FleetPal offers premium performance for an investment that fits all-sized fleets’ budget in the commercial trucking industry!

FleetPal’s Preventive Maintenance Templates Help You Customize Your Fleet’s Plan

There are lots of moving pieces to keep track of when you’re trying to keep 10, 100, 1000, or 10000 assets on a preventive maintenance plan.

Your equipment only makes profits when it’s on the road delivering loads. To stay ahead of the maintenance that it takes to keep assets running—you need to know what’s needed and have easy-to-follow guides for each maintenance event.

Preventive Maintenance 1
Preventive Maintenance 2

Asset Templates Deliver Detailed Data

Setting-up your preventive maintenance plan on the FleetPal platform begins with building asset templates. Asset templates use the VMRS code structures to make sure that every system, assembly, and component delivers data in the universal language of the commercial trucking industry.

Once your templates are set-up, adding and retiring assets becomes as simple as selecting from the FleetPal menu. Tracking the total cost of ownership (TCO) across the lifetime of an asset becomes a matter of monitoring reports. TCO fleet management decisions get easier and better when there is clear data on your dashboard.

Inspection Templates Keep Your Whole Team On Task

When the equipment you rely on rolls into the shop for a routine inspection or scheduled preventive maintenance—crews need to know what to do. Whether you do things:

  • in-house
  • work with service providers
  • or some combination of the two

FleetPal’s inspection templates keep everyone on the same page.

Once inspection templates are set-up in the FleetPal system—everyone on your team will know when a maintenance event is:

  • upcoming
  • due
  • or
  • overdue

They’ll know what they’re supposed to be working on and you’ll know if it’s getting done. When issues have been identified, the inspection and asset templates make it easy to report them and track them until resolved.

Preventive Maintenance 3
truck on route from point a to point b, in the middle of the route is a computer with fleetpal pulled up

Scheduling “Windows” Keep Your Fleet On Plan

When you set-up the asset and inspection templates in the FleetPal system, you have the opportunity to use:

  • mileage
  • hours of operation
  • or
  • calendar days

to set targets for routine inspections and preventive maintenance events.

FleetPal gives you the ability to create “windows” around your target for each maintenance event using any of the metrics you choose or a combination of all of them.

The only constant in commercial trucking is change. If your preventive maintenance plan is too rigid, you won’t stick to it long enough to see the results and enjoy the benefits. FleetPal believes there is a better way.

Preventive Maintenance Customized to Your Needs is a Premium Feature

Preventive Maintenance is the key to reliable and efficient operations.

There is no reason for Fleet Managers who want their small- or mid-sized fleet to grow to choose between:

• software solutions with the features they need but a price tag they can’t afford or

• a low-cost solution that forces them to do too much work for too few rewards.

FleetPal was designed to:

  • deliver the premium features of a high-end fleet management software bundle to your fleet’s preventive maintenance plan
  • at an investment that fits your budget.


Build your fleet’s future on solid foundations!