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Fleet Maintenance Software

Service Provider Network

FleetPal’s Service Provider Network Takes Care of Your Team Across North America
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

FleetPal is a preventive maintenance management software that puts your fleet in contact with a nationwide network of 5-star service providers. The Service Provider Network helps you cover all of your routine maintenance events. And they’re there for you when roadside breakdowns occur or emergency repairs are needed.

Choose a tool that combines VMRS codes, premium features, and easy data integration to make preventive maintenance plan management simple and streamlined!

Choose a tool that connects you to service providers everywhere that your fleet operates to make scheduled, unscheduled, and emergency services a snap!

The FleetPal Service Provider Network is an extension of your own maintenance department.

Whether one of your drivers needs help when they’re far from home or your internal maintenance staff needs expert assistance from extra sets of hands—service providers can see your requests, send quotes, and manage deals inside the FleetPal platform.

truck on route from point a to point b, in the middle of the route is a computer with fleetpal pulled up

How Does The FleetPal Service Provider Network Make Preventive Maintenance Simple?

When a service provider joins the FleetPal Repair Shop Network they can build an individual profile for each of their repair shop locations.

A profile tells FleetPal subscribers everything they need to know.

When both the fleet and the service provider are members of the FleetPal network, they can use FleetPal to transfer information to each other without any redundant data entry.

Because FleetPal allows fleets to generate issues using VMRS codes:

  • Offers and requests can be exchanged in a language that everyone understands
  • Customers can share their preferences with a service provider using FleetPal templates
  • Repair shops can update job status and track work orders using the Deals and Issues features

The system offers users 13 unique categories of services and repairs to make finding partners and providing solutions efficient and cost-effective.

FleetPal Makes Communicating With Service Providers Fast, Clear, and Efficient

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to find someone to do a routine inspection the way you want it done or searching for the closest helping hand for a driver who’s had a roadside breakdown.

The VMRS codes make sure that repair shops will always know what you need.

If a repair shop is part of the Service Provider Network, they can receive alerts any time a FleetPal subscriber needs emergency assistance within their service area.

Finding help, tracking work, and getting data into management tools for reporting all gets easier with the FleetPal system.

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a truck headed to a repair shop

Let the FleetPal Service Provider Network Connect Your Fleet with the Best in the Business

FleetPal is dedicated to bringing the tools and resources that technology can offer to all-sized fleets.

Cloud-based solutions and a mobile app make it easy and affordable for every fleet in the industry to manage their business and their partnerships.

The Repair Shop Network is a way for the best in the industry to connect.

Bringing the industry’s best together in ways that benefit everyone is just one more way that FleetPal helps your fleet build its future on a solid foundation.

FleetPal gives your fleet all of the tools you need to streamline operations, reduce waste, and eliminate downtime. Our premium fleet maintenance software features put you in control of your preventive maintenance plan. When you need the resources to resolve an issue in a remote location or additional manpower to cover everything on your to-do list—the Service Provider Network is ready, willing, and able to deliver all the help you need.

Even when you’re in control of your preventive maintenance plan—there will be times when you could use an extra hand. FleetPal makes sure that your fleet will get by with a little help from our friends.