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Tire Tracker

FleetPal’s Tire Tracker Helps Control Costs With Detailed Data and Powerful Reporting
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Controlling tire costs can make a huge difference in a fleet’s bottom line. It takes better data to make better decisions about your fleet’s tire budget. The FleetPal Tire Tracker gives you better data by going beyond the VMRS code structure to include additional details.

How does FleetPal Tire Tracker work? Tracking tire usage by axle and position means you get a more detailed view of your fleet’s tire consumption. You can generate profiles for each asset. Drivers and technicians can record and report tire issues by axle and position. That all adds up to details and accuracy you need to manage your fleet’s biggest maintenance issue.

By combining a number of features in one user-friendly platform, our technology makes it easy for fleets of all sizes to manage tire costs.

How Do You Make Controlling Tire Costs A Team Effort?

Like all of the other premium features in the FleetPal system, the Tire Tracker is built on the foundation of the VMRS codes. But sometimes it takes more detailed information to be able to identify opportunities to do better and get more.

The FleetPal Tire Tracker goes beyond what VMRS tracks for tire usage to allow you to see your fleet’s tire issues and component costs by axle and position.

Use the FleetPal Tire Tracker to:

Feed better information into the system

• From Drivers

• From Maintenance Technicians

• From Service Providers

Get clear insights into tire consumption

• By Asset

• By Component Lifetime

• By Repair Priority Class

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Give Your Team The Tools They Need To Report Important Details on Tire Usage

Catching a tire issue early can be the difference between needing to rotate tires and needing to replace them. It can also help you catch underlying maintenance issues before they become big problems. Putting powerful tools in the hands of your drivers and maintenance techs is the way to make sure you don’t miss opportunities to do better.

When your team sticks to the inspection schedule and preventive maintenance templates that you set-up in the FleetPal system, they’ll catch small issues before they get bigger. The issue tracker and tire tracker features of the FleetPal system put you in control of decisions and give you the data you need to make the right ones.

Get Clear Insights So That You Know Where You Can Do Better

The reporting features in the FleetPal system turn all of the data that goes into the Tire Tracker into clear, actionable reports that help fleet managers stay on top of each asset’s total cost of ownership and the fleet’s spending by asset and by component category.

When you have a clear picture of your fleet’s tire costs over time, you can find ways to do better and monitor the results of your new plan to make sure your team is getting it done.

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Are You Ready To Find Out If Your Fleet Could Be Getting More From Your Tire Budget?

The largest fleets in the industry already enjoy an advantage in purchasing power that gets them discounts on tires. To stay competitive, fleets need to make sure they’re getting the best returns possible for every dollar spent on tires. Better data is the key to making better decisions.

FleetPal designed the Tire Tracker to deliver more details so that Fleet Managers get clear insights into where their tire budget is going and why spending on tires is required. You can only see opportunities to do better when you have a clear picture of where you’re at.

Tires are the foundation of your rolling assets. FleetPal’s Tire Tracker can help you build your fleet’s future on a solid foundation.