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Warranty Tracker

FleetPal’s Warranty Tracker Makes Sure You Don’t Pay for Covered Repairs.
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

The average age of commercial trucks on the highway goes down each year. That means more of the trucks that make up fleets are covered by OEM and aftermarket warranties. Warranties are an important part of controlling the cost of maintenance issues—But only if you know what is covered and how to take advantage. The FleetPal Warranty Tracker makes your fleet’s warranties work for you!

The FleetPal Warranty Tracker attaches warranty information supplied by equipment manufacturers and third-party services to assets in your fleet.
The Warranty Tracker also alerts maintenance departments and repair shops in your service provider network when a deal involves parts or labor that might be covered by warranty.

Warranty Tracker 1

Using the FleetPal Connect Warranty Tracker Keeps Your Team on the Same Page

Maintenance and repairs can be one of the hardest parts of your fleet’s marginal costs to control. Warranties should help to lower the total cost of ownership in ways fleet managers can’t afford to pass up.

But if warranty information is tucked away in a filing cabinet, you’re more likely to pay out-of-pocket for events that should be covered.

The FleetPal system has the VMRS code structure as a foundation.

  • So, warranty coverage information stays clear even when parts have to be cross-referenced.

The system sends alerts and notifications.

  • So, you and your team will know warranty coverage is a factor before you set-up, execute, or pay for deals with repair shops.

Warranty coverage carries through to FleetPal reports.

  • So, you can easily see the difference it makes in the total cost of ownership.

When It Comes to Warranties – Knowing is Half The Battle and Tracking is the Other Half

Knowing that assets are covered by warranties can get lost in the shuffle of steering a maintenance issue through to resolution.

Having a tool that notifies you when you need to check warranty information helps make sure opportunities to save aren’t overlooked.

When that same tool shares the information with internal departments and repair shops—everything gets easier.

Your entire network will be glad that you’re using FleetPal’s Warranty Tracker to manage your fleet’s warranty information!

Warranty Tracker 2
a truck with a path to the parts manufacturer

Fleets ↔ Manufacturers

Manufacturers benefit from the FleetPal Warranty Tracker because it gives them a way to exchange important information directly with their end-users.

When a unit or a component is entered into the FleetPal system, the data on component lifetime can be aggregated and shared. Manufacturers get a better view of their performance and a way to provide vital warranty information directly to customers.

Service Providers ↔ Manufacturers

The Warranty Tracker puts vendors in direct contact with OEMs and aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Equipment and parts manufacturers work to establish partnerships with outstanding service providers and FleetPal provides a link between them where VMRS codes are a common language. The Warranty Tracker is a tool that makes it easier to work together to make the industry better.

a gear with a path to a parts manufacturer
a truck with a path to a gear

Fleets ↔ Service Providers

When your fleet and the service providers who perform work on your equipment both use the FleetPal system, managing your fleet’s warranty program is so much easier.

When a unit needs repairs, your vendors will be alerted to the options that are covered by your equipment’s warranty. They can share that information with your fleet and help schedule the necessary inspections or repairs.

Find Out How The FleetPal Connect Fleet Maintenance App Can Help Your Fleet

Some fleets might have a whole department to take care of monitoring warranty coverage and making sure that the business maximizes the benefits of the coverage they have on each asset.

Other fleets have to find ways to do more with less. Choosing preventive maintenance management software that helps you track warranties is a great way to do just that.

FleetPal designed the Warranty Tracker to add value to the fleet maintenance tools that make up our software solutions.

It’s just one more way we’re working to deliver premium features to you and your team. Let us help you build your fleet’s future on a solid foundation!