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Fleet Maintenance Works Better When You Set the Right Goals

Fleet Maintenance Works Better When You Set the Right Goals

The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA) will be issuing 11 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for maintenance operations as a recommended practice (RP) for trucking fleets in the Council’s 2021 RP Supplement.

Every Fleet Manager knows that maintenance is the key to keeping a fleet running. But maintenance is one of the three highest cost-items in most fleet budgets. So, how do fleet managers make sure they’re getting their money’s worth from their maintenance program? Smart fleet managers set targets for their maintenance program and monitor their team’s progress toward those goals.

When fleet management sets the right goals for its program, it produces better results. Better results from your maintenance program benefit your whole business.

Fleets don’t have to figure out how to do maintenance better all on their own. Why reinvent the wheel? There are great resources like industry associations that work hard to make sure they gather and share the information fleets need to start where they are and pursue continuous improvement.

Fleet Maintenance Works Better When You Set the Right Goals 1

One of the biggest, most experienced, and most respected organizations serving the commercial trucking industry is TMC. Each year TMC publishes a collection of more than 500 RPs for fleets to tackle the challenges to successful operations. This year’s Supplement will include a new RP titled TMC RP 545, Developing Key Performance Indicators For Maintenance Operations.

Set the Right Goals for Your Fleet’s Maintenance Operations

Whether your fleet has plenty of room for improvement or a maintenance program that runs like a well-oiled machine, it’s always a good idea to take a look at opportunities to do better. If you’re looking for a way to make sense of all the information and numerous options, the collective wisdom of the entire industry is a good place to start.

ATA is the national organization that brings together trucking industry associations from across the country. The ATA encompasses a number of councils that are devoted to studying the industry and sharing information with the membership. One of the most important councils in the ATA is the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC).

TMC does a lot of important work to benefit ATA members. One of the ways that it gets that work done is through Study Groups that focus on particular issues. Most of the study groups are focused on specific components of commercial equipment. TMC’s S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Group takes a more all-encompassing view of maintenance operations.

S.5 has spent the past three years studying and discussing the complexities of how maintenance works for commercial trucking fleets. The results of the efforts are contained in the soon-to-be published Recommended Practice that covers 11 KPIs for vehicle maintenance operations. The KPIs are meant to help fleets take control of maintenance as a contributing element of Cost Per Mile (CPM).

What Are the 11 KPIs for Maintenance Operations?

TMC’s S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Group has an encompassing view of fleet maintenance operations which is reflected in the 11 KPIs featured in RP 545. The individual KPIs touch on inspections, repair work, labor productivity, warranties, and more.

The idea behind the new RP is that fleets who meet or exceed the targets set by the individual KPIs will be doing everything they can to control the impact of maintenance costs on the fleet’s cost per mile. When you control what you can control and hold the line on your fleet’s CPM, your profit margins will benefit and your business will grow.

Opportunities for savings can be found everywhere you look. That’s why TMC’s KPIs consider all of the ways your fleet’s maintenance operations can save you money, improve your safety rating, and benefit your bottom line.

What Are Industry Experts Saying About the New KPIs?

At FleetPal, we were thrilled to get a chance to review an advanced copy of TMC RP 545. We were happy to see that it uses the data that the industry generates through the TMC’s Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) coding convention to identify areas worth focusing on. We were excited by the ambitious targets that the KPIs set for fleets in the industry.

Of course, we realize that we may be a little bit biased. After all, VMRS  is the foundation of the FleetPal platform. The goal of helping fleets run safely and efficiently so that businesses succeed is one that we share with the ATA. And the KPIs in the new RP are all areas that we’ve been helping fleets improve in. It should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of what we saw in the RP.

To get a second opinion, we spoke with Amanda Schuier, Senior Vice President at Quality Transport and Chairman of TMC’s S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Group. She told us that Recommended Practices created within S.5 are particularly pertinent to TMC members’ challenges they face every day on the shop floor.  These RPs allow us to implement real-world solutions.

FleetPal Helps You Plan, Execute, and Monitor Maintenance That Hits Your Targets

FleetPal is fleet maintenance management software that makes it easier to take control of maintenance operations. Our platform allows you to set KPIs as targets, record performance data using TMC/ATA VMRS codes, and generate reports to help monitor progress.

If you’re ready to set your fleet on a path toward meeting or exceeding the KPIs in the TMC’s latest RP, you don’t need to go it alone. If you give us a few minutes of your time, we’ll show you all of the ways that FleetPal Connect makes it easy to manage maintenance operations.

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