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Preventive Maintenance: Making It Work on Multiple Levels

Preventive Maintenance: Making It Work on Multiple Levels


To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is an understatement. There are monumental problems demanding solutions. Some, like the pandemic and the economic crisis that it caused, are having a direct impact on the trucking industry. Others, like the unrest in our streets and the political upheaval in our capitals, link to broader issues that impact the social and cultural characteristics of the world we do business in.

Can preventive maintenance teach us anything about how to respond to these challenges? We think that it can. When you use preventive maintenance as a metaphor for responding to the difficulties we face, you remember that when you ‘stay ready’ you don’t have to ‘get ready’. That means taking care of ourselves on multiple levels and in multiple ways. Fortunately, some fantastic tools help the trucking industry do just that.

Staying ready means staying healthy, staying informed, staying involved, and staying connected.

  • Staying healthy is more than just doing what you can to make sure that you don’t get infected with Covid-19.
  • Staying informed means being able to balance the details and the bigger picture for your fleets, the industry, and the economy.
  • Staying involved means being an active participant in efforts to decrease the bad things that happen in the world and increase the good that is being done.
  • Staying connected with the trucking industry means reading, listening to, watching, supporting, and responding to the media that serves the industry.  

Don’t Run-to-Failure—Get Ready, Be Ready, Stay Ready

FleetPal is proud to be a part of the trucking industry and grateful for the opportunity to serve fleets and service providers with tools that make preventive maintenance easier to manage, execute, and track.

We believe that a well-maintained fleet is a safer fleet, a more efficient fleet, and a more profitable fleet. Our tools empower individual team members, encourage collaboration, and establish connections within the industry to make preventative maintenance a team effort. That’s because many hands make light work—as long as one hand knows what the other is doing.

Making preventive maintenance a team effort means relying on every individual member of the team to contribute their share with consistent quality. And that’s why we think that it is so important to think about preventive maintenance beyond the trucks and trailers that roll down the road.

Our teams are made up of people and it’s important to make sure that they have the tools to stay physically and mentally healthy. Leadership means making decisions that affect the entire team’s financial futures and it’s important to use tools and resources that help us make the right choices. When our people and our teams are healthy, we stay ready to be better members of the industry and our communities.

Preventive Maintenance for People, Teams, The Industry, and Communities

Unfortunately, there are no VMRS codes for driver health, a business’s bottom line, or a community’s well-being the way that there are for every piece and part that goes into the equipment we rely on. But keeping our people, our teams, our industry, and our communities healthy is no less important to building a sustainable operation that does business in a better world.

As we track what’s going on in the industry and interact with people on every level from fleets and service providers all over the world, we get to learn about a lot of great things that the industry is doing to take care of each other and do good in the world. Pulling together those resources in one place might not be as convenient as VMRS codes for health and prosperity, but it’s a start.

For the next couple of weeks, the FleetPal Blog will be publishing guides that direct our readers to important resources that are available to the industry. We hope that by sharing these resources, we’ll help to provide tools and establish connections that lead to positive changes across multiple issues.

Healthy Drivers

The Covid-19 crisis focused a lot of attention on the health issues that are prevalent amongst truck drivers. Obesity, diabetes, and cigarette smoking are major concerns for a profession that also struggles to maintain access to adequate health care resources. The anxiety that everyone is coping with due to the uncertainty and stress brought about by the virus and the resulting financial tumult mean that taking care of mental health is more important than ever. Our first list will profile resources that are available to drivers to help them stay ready by doing preventive maintenance on body and mind.

Informed Industry

There aren’t many industries more essential to the way that the modern economy functions than trucking. We’re a broad industry with diverse interests and sometimes those interests compete or conflict. There are industry associations that represent trucking companies in every state, province, and region. Some associations specialize in promoting the interests of particular segments of the industry. Being a part of the associations that represent your fleet’s priorities gives your business a powerful ally and adds to the weight of the influence that association can bring to bear to steer policy decisions. It’s the best way to perform preventive maintenance on the policy decisions and economic conditions that affect our fleet’s bottom lines.

Community Involvement

Taking care of our communities could mean sponsoring a Little League team or it could mean donating time, equipment, and other support to a national charity organization. For a lot of small- and mid-sized fleets in the trucking industry, it means both. The individuals and individual companies that make up our industry do a lot of good that doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves. We think that it makes sense to consider these selfless acts as a form of preventive maintenance on the world around us.

Connected Professionals

Let’s face it—truckers are a special breed. Our industry is diverse in terms of race, gender, and age but despite all of our differences, there is something we all have in common that sets us apart from folks working in any other industry. It’s hard to describe what the difference is but it’s undeniable. So, it makes sense to pay attention to the members of our community who are speaking to us, speaking for us, and speaking about us. There are newspapers, magazines, podcasts, satellite radio programs, blogs, and discussion forums dedicated to trucking. Supporting those voices is one more way to keep the industry healthy.


With so many bad headlines and disturbing images confronting us every time we turn on the news, we thought that it was important to do something to recognize and celebrate all of the good that is being done just beneath the surface. Obviously, preventive maintenance is a subject that is near and dear to our hearts, so maybe we’re biased—but we think it’s a great way to frame a conversation about why it’s important to take care of ourselves, and how we can do more to get that done.

So, for the next few weeks, the FleetPal Blog will be dedicated to promoting tools that the industry can use to perform preventive maintenance on ourselves, our businesses, our industry, and our communities. But we want to hear from our subscribers and partners too!

If you have a story about something related to one of these topics, we invite you to get in touch with us so that we can share your story with our readers. There’s plenty of bad news out there. Let’s use this time to focus on the positive and what we can do to get better.

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