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Preventive Maintenance: 10 Trucking Organizations Doing Good

Preventive Maintenance: 10 Trucking Organizations Doing Good

Preventive fleet Maintenance 10 Trucking Organizations Doing Good

This blog series has looked at the ways that preventive maintenance works as a metaphor for all of the ways that the trucking industry is taking care of itself and others. Fleet maintenance is how we make sure that we can keep taking care of everyone else. But the trucking industry is part of the larger economy and the economy is just one part of a healthy society.

It takes preventive maintenance on multiple levels to make a difference in the big picture.

Helping you with fleet preventive maintenance plans is what FleetPal does. We provide the industry with the best truck maintenance software and fleet maintenance app so that you have the tools that you need to run safer, more efficiently, and more profitably. We do it because we love the industry and want to help it do what it does best even better—now and in the future.

But we’re not the only ones working to take care of the industry. So, in the final post of this series, we want to shine a light on organizations that are making a difference.

Helping Hands at 10 and 2: How the Trucking Industry is Giving Back and Taking Care of Our Own

If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s just how quickly things can go from “cruise control” to “stop and go traffic” or even “broke down on the side of the road”. We’re speaking metaphorically of course. Between Covid-19 and social unrest, the ripple effects on our economy and our society have been felt across the entire trucking industry. It’s probably been a while since you felt like your fleet’s operations were on cruise control.

Fleet maintenance software can help you keep trucks and trailers in top-notch condition so that your fleet will ‘stay ready’. But we all need a healthy economy to keep the work coming. And a healthy society makes it easier and safer for our teams while they’re out there getting the job done.

Fortunately, the trucking industry is pretty good at taking care of its own and, as an industry, we do a lot to give back and pay it forward. So, when the road got rough for everybody—there were organizations ready and waiting to answer the call when truckers, fleets, and communities needed a helping hand.

Let’s look at some of the philanthropic efforts and charitable organizations that are working on behalf of the trucking industry to give back to society. We’ll also look at some that have made it their mission to make sure we take care of our own.

Giving Back and Paying it Forward: 5 Organizations Pitching in for the Greater Good

From developing talent that will shape the future of the industry to building bridges with external partners and researching questions that will help us run better, there are foundations, networks, and other organizations putting in important work on behalf of the trucking industry.

TCF—Trucking Cares Foundation

The Trucking Cares Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the American Trucking Associations. The mission of TCF is to work on improving safety, security, and sustainability for truck fleets, on our highways, and in our communities. They also work to support industry research, education, and development as well as coordinating and promoting volunteerism and charitable activities. A partnership with TCF puts your time, money, assets, or expertise to work within a powerful network of the nation’s most active and involved helpers.

ALAN—American Logistics Aid Network

The American Logistics Aid Network steps in whenever there is a role for logistics experts to play in making sure that emergency response gets done efficiently and seamlessly. To paraphrase one of the regional directors who makes that happen—they aren’t the folks who’ll be handing out meals or bottled water after a natural disaster but they are the ones who make sure those meals and water get to where they’re needed. You can lean-in to their mission by offering in-kind assistance that will help move or warehouse relief supplies. You can also make a donation, become a sponsor, or volunteer your time.

Women in Trucking Foundation

The Women in Trucking Foundation works with and through the Women in Trucking Association to advance the goals of improving education and increasing career opportunities for women in the industry. If you agree that the industry only gets better and stronger as it becomes more diverse you can support the work of the foundation by making a donation, becoming a supporter, or contributing items to their annual holiday auction fundraising event.

Truckers Against Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking is an organization that is working to educate trucking and bussing companies in order to make them the front line in the fight against human trafficking. There are ways for trucking companies, drivers, OEMs, industry associations, truck stops, and travel plazas, and members of the general public to get involved.

Truckers Feeding the Homeless

Truckers Feeding the Homeless is a new organization that is growing out of a moment when a group of friends decided that they could and would make a difference. What started out as a decision to share leftovers after a big meal amongst friends has become a plan to provide meals to the homeless in cities that host industry trade shows and other events.

Taking Care of Our Own: 5 Organizations that Help Truckers in Need

From meals to medical expenses, anyone can find themselves in need of a helping hand at some point. The trucking industry is the unsung workhorse of the economy that is always getting it done in the background. The groups that make sure there is always a helping hand available when one of our own is in need are cut from the same cloth. You may not know that some of these groups are out there—but you should. They’ll be there when you need them. Supporting them when you can is the best way to make sure of that.

SCF—St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

When over-the-road and regional semi-truck drivers experience an injury or an illness that causes them to miss work, SCF helps them make ends meet through assistance on living expenses like rent or mortgage, utility bills, vehicle payments, or insurance.

TEAR—Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders

TEAR steps in to offer a helping hand when drivers find themselves in a difficult spot due to carrier abandonment or retaliation, wage theft, accidents, weather, illnesses, or injuries.

Meals for Truckers

Meals for Truckers was started in British Columbia to make sure that truckers all over Canada have the resources and support that they need to keep trucking throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

More than 78,000 people follow this Facebook page dedicated to spreading the word when family or friends are having trouble getting in touch with someone who is out on the roads. The page issues an alert when a driver falls off the radar and asks everyone to keep their eyes and ears peeled until that person is located.

Truckers’ Final Mile

With millions of truckers on the road every day, and many of them far from home, it’s not hard to imagine that sometimes families are faced with the financial burden of bringing a driver home from their final run so that they can be laid to rest. Truckers final mile assists with travel, lodging, and ground transportation to get families to drivers or bring drivers home to their families.

You Need a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Everything That’s Important

Fleet maintenance software can help you simplify all of the moving pieces that you have to keep track of to get your equipment inspected, repaired, and maintained during downtime. It can offer you the tools that your drivers, maintenance staff, and dispatchers need to stay ahead of the work. It can also take a lot of the work out of monitoring, tracking, and reporting the performance of your preventive maintenance plan.

This blog series has focused on all of the ways that we can carry the lesson of preventive maintenance from the shop floor out into the world around us. When you and your team have the same approach to taking care of your health and safety, participating in the shaping of the industry’s future, and lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed, you’re doing preventive maintenance on the big picture.

At FleetPal we call that a preventive maintenance mindset. Contact us to request a demo and find out how can help your team get there.

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