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Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance Services

Take Control of Your PM Plan with Software Solutions That Make Fleet Maintenance Services Manageable.

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The key to effective truck fleet maintenance is getting your fleet on a preventive maintenance plan. But keeping track of all the moving pieces and making sure you stick to the plan can be tough!

Our fleet maintenance software helps you manage the day-to-day and track progress over time.

How Does FleetPal Make Your Preventive Maintenance Plan Manageable?

FleetPal is tailor-made for the commercial trucking industry. We built it to be the right tool for the job from the ground up!

The Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) code structure is the foundation of our preventive maintenance management software. VMRS codes were developed by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in the 1970s. For a half-century, VMRS has been the common language of the heavy-duty trucking industry.

We designed FleetPal’s premium features to be everything that your fleets need !
– Asset, Inspection, & Scheduling templates so you set the    plan up right.
– Notifications and Alerts keep your team on track.
Reporting puts events, costs, component lifetime and        more at your fingertips.

We know that every fleet uses software tools to manage multiple parts of their business.

So we made FleetPal easy to integrate with solutions you use for Telematics, Inventory, Accounting, Data Visualization, and More.

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Preventive Maintenance Plan Set-Up

Don’t let preventive maintenance plan set-up intimidate or overwhelm you. FleetPal is easy to use and intuitive to set-up. The best part is that the more you put into FleetPal during your set-up, the more it will pay off.

Preventive Maintenance Plan Scheduling

Getting all of your assets onto a schedule and sticking to it is the first step toward realizing the rewards of fleet maintenance services. FleetPal’s preventive maintenance plan scheduling features are flexible enough for an industry where change is constant.

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Preventive Maintenance Plan Coordination

Preventive maintenance plan coordination can feel like walking a tight-rope. You need your trucks, trailers, and drivers to be on the road making money—but preventing breakdowns and emergency repairs means keeping them still long enough for inspections and maintenance. FleetPal’s premium features give you a safety net.

Preventive Maintenance Plan Communication

Whether things are running according to plan or the demands of daily operations force you to adapt—the key to sticking to your fleet maintenance services plan is communication. With automated notifications and alerts, you’ll always know what’s coming up. FleetPal’s fleet maintenance app keeps drivers connected on the road.

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Preventive Maintenance Plan Performance

Is your team doing what they need to do to keep your fleet on track with your maintenance goals? FleetPal makes it easy for you to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to get preventive maintenance performance that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Preventive Maintenance Plan Management Tools

Preventive maintenance plan management tools are what separate serious software solutions from the rest of the pack. FleetPal provides the management tools you would expect from a premium fleet management software bundle in a cloud-based solution and mobile app.

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Preventive Maintenance Plan Reporting

Preventive maintenance plan reporting should make your job as a fleet manager easier! See upcoming fleet maintenance services events, open issues, warranty information, tire usage, as well as pending and completed deals with repair shops in our service provider network.

FleetPal Is The Preventive Maintenance Plan Management Software Your Fleet Needs!

FleetPal helps you take control of your preventive maintenance plan and fuel your fleet’s future by delivering the premium features of a high-end fleet management software bundle at a price that fits the budget of any size fleet. Ensure fleet maintenance services are necessary, done on time, and tracked all in one place.