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Fleet Maintenance Software

Communication is the Key to Better Results!

Take Control of Your Preventive Maintenance Plan with a Clear Fleet Communication System

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

In any preventive maintenance plan, communication is critical. A schedule gives you a roadmap. Tools for coordination keep track of where everyone is at on the map. Letting your team and partners know what you expect is the difference between plans and results.

That’s what it takes to keep everyone on the same page.

The nature of the trucking industry makes your fleet communication system one of the most important factors. Will your operations match your plan and meet your goals or end up all over the map. Your truck maintenance software needs to:

• Let you know when assets are due for a maintenance event.

• Let your drivers and maintenance staff know where and when those events are scheduled.

• Let your maintenance manager and your service providers coordinate deals and projects.

FleetPal helps your preventive maintenance plan work with your fleet communication system. Alerts and notifications connect drivers, remote workers, and service providers through the fleet maintenance app. And FleetPal keeps track of everyone and everything through the Issue Tracker.

You get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Does Staying On Plan Take Up All Of Your Time and Attention?

Trying to keep your fleet on track with your preventive maintenance plan without the right tools for the job can quickly turn into a full-time, hands-on job. If that’s where all of your time and attention is directed, you’re not focusing on the big picture and what it takes to steer your fleet into a future that meets the goals you’ve set.

Maybe you use other software tools for fleet communication systems. Do they do the work that it takes to keep all of your trucks and drivers on-route and on-schedule? Do they talk to your preventive maintenance management software? When you choose FleetPal they can and they will. That way preventive maintenance never gets lost in the shuffle when plans change unexpectedly.

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You Need to Take Back Your Schedule Without Giving Up On Your Preventive Maintenance Plan

Imagine if every time something changed on your schedule you had to make a phone call, write an email, or both—just to keep things on track. Add to that the fact that you would need to wait for confirmation and maybe even find a resolution if there is a conflict. It would be maddening!

When it comes to catching jobs, a good dispatcher can make it all look easy. But if something has got to give to make it all work out—your preventive maintenance plan can easily end up the odd-man-out. Unless that is, you’ve got fleet maintenance software that protects you from those outcomes.

A Preventive Maintenance Plan Can Only Improve Your Profits If You Stick To It

Just imagine how much more your team could get done if all of the need-to-know information that they needed to know showed up on their smartphones or the daily schedule on the desktop in the maintenance shop.

Preventive maintenance plan communication needs to be clear to make sure that signals don’t get crossed as messages move from person to person or department to department.

Notifications and alerts can be automated so that nobody on your staff has to manually fill the calendar or send the messages.

• Changes in the system trigger automatic updates and flag conflicts to make sure that solving one scheduling problem doesn’t create another one.

Efficiency and clarity are hallmarks of a preventive maintenance management tool that can streamline your operations and eliminate waste.

Communication 2
Communication 3

FleetPal is Preventive Maintenance Management Software That Clarifies Your Fleet Communication System

Whether you’re talking about communicating a change in scheduling to a driver or the maintenance department or you’re looking at how your software tools turn mountains of data into actionable information in easy to follow reports—FleetPal is out in front of the pack.

Helping commercial trucking fleets communicate internally is built right into the way FleetPal works. We go even further by making external communications with service providers and partners clear and efficient. There is no redundant data entry or miscommunication to worry about when you communicate through the FleetPal platform.

Turn communication into another tool in your kit and make it work for you as you fuel your fleet’s future.