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Fleet Maintenance Software

Management Tools That Will Work For You!

Take Control of Preventive Maintenance Management With Tools That Simplify and Streamline Your Plan.
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

Preventive maintenance management tools are among the most important features to consider.

Everybody on your team has a job to do and a fleet manager’s job is to manage. That means thinking big picture about key performance indicators, setting your people up for success, and monitoring everyone’s progress.

The challenges of fleet management mean you need tools that take data and turn it into actionable information.

Anything less leaves you making educated guesses at best. Better data leads to better decisions. You need preventive maintenance plan management tools that give you better data.

By combining a number of features in one user-friendly platform, our tech makes it easy for fleets of all sizes to manage:

Fleet Management is All About Turning Data into Decisions

You need to be able to see:

• where your maintenance budget is going.

• why repairs are needed.

• and how long replacement parts last before they need to be replaced again.

When you don’t know how much it costs to maintain your assets, it’s impossible to calculate the total cost of ownership. If you don’t know TCO, fleet management becomes a guessing game. Will you get better returns on your investment if you repair a power unit or retire that asset?

Thin reporting doesn’t give you all of the information that you need to gain real insights. Software that gives you enough data often leaves you swimming in confusing and convoluted reports.

FleetPal gives you preventive maintenance management tools that work for you!

Why Is It So Hard to Find Preventive Maintenance Software with Great Management Tools?

Until now, fleets only had two options in the search for preventive maintenance plan management tools.

You could go with one of the premium fleet management software bundles. They charge sky-high monthly fees or force you to purchase their software. Most fleets can’t justify such a large expenditure on preventive maintenance management. 

The other option was to go with a fleet maintenance software that offered bargain subscription rates. Those tools aren’t designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicles and commercial trucking fleets. Or, they limit the features you get unless you pay more to get premium access.

FleetPal was designed from the ground up to be the ideal tool for all-sized fleets that want to make their preventive maintenance plan one of the key contributors to their business’s growth.

Management Tools 1
Management Tools 2

Don’t Pay Too Much or Settle For Less – There’s a Better Option!

The features that make premium fleet management software better than generic tools are the ones that meet the unique demands of the industry. Premium packages bundle everything a fleet could possibly need. It’s all in there. To get what you need you’ve got to pay for it all.

Until now, if you couldn’t justify the expense of a premium package, you were forced to settle for less on preventive maintenance management tools.

FleetPal gives you a better option.

Because we built our software tools to work for all-sized fleets in the trucking industry—you’ll get premium benefits for an investment that fits your budget.

FleetPal Was Designed From the Ground Up to Be Exactly What Your Fleet Needs

The foundation of FleetPal’s preventive maintenance plan management tools is the VMRS code structure that was developed by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA).

On top of that solid foundation, we designed user-friendly and powerful features. That’s how we deliver benefits that compete with any premium fleet management software bundle on preventive maintenance.

We know that your fleet uses software to manage other parts of your operation, so we made it easy to integrate the FleetPal platform with solutions  you use for:

• Telematics

• Inventory

• Accounting

• Data Visualization

• and more!

FleetPal gives you what you need from your preventive maintenance management tools at a price you’ll love. Let us help you fuel your fleet’s future!

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