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Fleet Maintenance Software

Get Performance That Delivers Results

Take Control to Get Preventive Maintenance Performance That Fuels Your Fleet’s Growth
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

Set-up, scheduling, coordination, and communication are what you put in. You should expect preventive maintenance performance that makes a difference to your bottom-line. Anything less is just not enough to fuel your fleet’s growth.

A lot of inspection and maintenance software makes big promises.

You put your fleet through complicated onboarding only to get results that fail to impress.

It takes more than a plan to get results—you need the tools to make things happen according to your plan.

  • Drivers need to know where they need to be and when they need to be there.
  • Technicians need to know what to do when it’s time to get things done.
  • Service providers need to know what they can do to be better partners to your fleet.
  • Management needs to see that everything is
    • on track for today
    • on target for tomorrow
    • on pace with long-term goals.

That’s a tall order!

Only the best fleet inspection and maintenance software can deliver results across those areas. FleetPal provides all of the benefits of premium preventive maintenance management software for an investment that all-size fleets can afford.

Preventive Maintenance Performance Is the Only Metric That Matters

It can be hard to keep your team motivated to stick to a plan when you can only see the difference that it makes over time. What’s the harm in skipping an inspection or putting off a routine maintenance event until next month? Will anyone even know the difference?

If your preventive maintenance plan tells your team what to do but not why or how, it’s only natural for them to follow the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, a lot of inspection and maintenance software ends up being the path of more resistance. 

fleet management software on computer checking for preventive maintenance, current fleet issues and tco
a three truck fleet, two trucks that are in commission and one truck that is in need of maintenance

What Does It Take to Achieve Preventive Maintenance Plan Performance That Hits Targets?

Fleet inspection and maintenance software should support your fleet’s operations without getting in the way of getting the job done. It should make a clear difference in your fleet’s operations and it should make tracking and reporting those differences easy and clear.

Everyone on your team—from drivers out on the highway to ownership and senior management—should be able to understand how their efforts contribute to improvements in the big picture. That’s how you keep your whole team committed to a plan that pays its biggest returns over time.

Help your drivers see how scheduled maintenance helps to ensure they’ll earn more in the long-run. Help maintenance staff understand how important it is to repair or replace components before a breakdown occurs. Help your repair shop partners understand your plan for maximizing the ROI on every dollar in your maintenance budget.

a truck next to a computer, stopwatch and calculator

You Need Control Over Your Preventive Maintenance Plan to Make Your Budget Do More

If you can’t get your fleet on a preventive maintenance plan and keep it there, you’ll never gain a solid understanding of where your operations budget is well-spent and where the money is being wasted. You need inspection and maintenance software that delivers value to your daily operations and compounds your returns over time.

Once you get your fleet on a preventive maintenance plan that works for your whole team, you’ll begin to see opportunities to save even more. It can take a few months for the dust to settle and things to find a “new normal”. But once they do, you can do a deep dive on high-cost or high-volume items to find ways to save even more over time

FleetPal Puts Powerful Preventive Maintenance Performance At Your Whole Team’s Fingertips

With premium features like the “Issue Tracker”, “Tire Tracker”, and “Warranty Tracker”—FleetPal delivers value that can’t be matched by generic fleet management software. The best part is that because we focus on preventive maintenance, we’re able to bring you powerful tools at a much lower price than you would pay for premium fleet management software bundles.

Just look at what FleetPal offers:

  • asset templates built on the foundation of the VMRS code structure
  • scheduling templates you customize to your fleet’s needs
  • automated notifications and alerts
  • in-app and on-platform coordination of deals with service providers

Put FleetPal to work for your fleet to get preventive maintenance plan performance that fuels your fleet’s future.

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