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Fleet Maintenance Software

Clear Preventive Maintenance Reporting

Take Control with Preventive Maintenance Reporting That Turns Data into Decisions.
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

When you need to know if your fleet is on track with your preventive maintenance plan, reporting features should make your life easy!

Does your fleet maintenance software make it easy for you to see whether you’re on-track, outperforming, or underperforming your goals? Does it allow you to monitor important information likes costs and component lifetime? Does it show you:

  • Upcoming preventive maintenance events?
  • Open Issues Filtered by Priority Class?
  • Warranty Information on Every Asset In Your Fleet?
  • Detailed Data on Tire Usage?
  • Pending and Completed Deals with Repair Shops?

Are you getting everything that you should out of your preventive maintenance reporting tools?

Does your fleet maintenance software incorporate the vehicle maintenance reporting standards (VMRS) codes? They were developed by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA) and they’ve become the common language of the industry. With VMRS as a part of your preventive maintenance plan, you can access a whole other level of benefits.

Preventive Maintenance Reporting Should Turn Data Into Decisions

Fleets generate mountains of data about their preventive maintenance plan.

The first step in turning it into a valuable resource is capturing it all. But that data is only truly valuable if you can understand what it’s telling you. That takes reporting customized to your needs.

Without powerful reporting, you’ll be overwhelmed by all of the separate data points your maintenance plan produces. Fleet maintenance reporting that doesn’t turn that data into easy to understand graphs, charts, and timelines is making you do too much work.

Reporting 1
fleet management software on computer checking for preventive maintenance, current fleet issues and tco

Preventive Maintenance Reporting Isn’t a Luxury—It’s an Essential Feature!

Until now, if you wanted powerful and customizable reporting from your fleet maintenance software, you would have had to pay for a high-end fleet management software bundle. Premium subscriptions or purchase-only payment options make those tools more of an investment than most fleets can afford to invest in their PM plan.

Generic software tools can let you know when an asset is due for a scheduled inspection or routine maintenance event. But few of those products offer the kind of robust reporting that you need to help you identify areas where your fleet can and should be doing better.

FleetPal delivers the powerful reporting of a premium fleet management bundle at a price that fits any sized fleets’ budgets.

What is Weak Preventive Maintenance Reporting Costing Your Fleet?

Without the ability to capture the data and turn it into reports that you can understand, it’s impossible to know where there are opportunities to do better or how much more return you could realize from your maintenance budget.

Just getting your fleet on a preventive maintenance plan is a huge step. Studies show that it saves you more on maintenance, improves customer satisfaction, and keeps your whole team happier and more productive.

Going from run-to-failure to preventive maintenance makes a difference that is easy to see. When you stick to a preventive maintenance plan you want to refine it to maximize efficiency and ROI. Knowing if you’re on the right track gets hard to see with the naked eye.

Preventive maintenance reporting lets you see the big picture and the details—for today and over time.

Reporting 2
Reporting 3

FleetPal Delivers Preventive Maintenance Reporting that is Powerful and Customizable

FleetPal was designed to be the perfect solution for all-sized fleets that want to grow bigger and do better. We know that saving money on maintenance and repairs is one of the easiest ways to maximize profitability so that you can reinvest in your fleet. We also know that it takes a powerful software tool to make a preventive maintenance plan manageable.

We wanted to design the perfect solution for fleets because we believe they deserve big-time software solutions!

So, we built software tools that deliver premium features for an investment you can afford. That’s how we help you fuel your fleet’s future.