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Fleet Maintenance Software

Set-Up A Custom PM Plan for Your Fleet!

FleetPal’s Customizable Templates Make it Easy to Set-Up a Preventive Maintenance Plan Your Fleet Will Stick To!
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

The most common reasons that fleets drag their feet on setting up a preventive maintenance plan are the beliefs that it takes too much work to do it or that it’s too hard to get right.

Even when you get the plan set up, you’ll have more work to do. Software tools should rescue you from repetitious data entry and tedious tasks.

Homemade spreadsheets and low-cost software solutions that were designed for corporate passenger fleets might seem like a good idea at first glance—but only a solution that was designed for commercial trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles can deliver the premium features that pay real, reliable dividends over time.

By combining a number of features in one user-friendly platform, our technology makes it easy for fleets of all sizes to manage a solid preventive maintenance plan.

A Lot of Tools Claim to Solve the Problems You’ve Had Managing a Preventive Maintenance Plan!

FleetPal is the Only Software Solution Designed for all-size fleets in the Commercial Trucking Industry!

DIY solutions to preventive maintenance management don’t cost you anything extra—but you’ll soon realize that you’re getting exactly
what you paid for!

Preventive Maintenance Management Software that was designed for passenger vehicle fleets can help you schedule routine inspections and preventive maintenance events but they can’t capture the data that commercial trucking fleets need to record and track in order to stay on top of the PM Plan’s results!

If you’ve been trying to muddle through with either of these options—you’re working too hard and you’re not getting the results that you deserve!

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Choosing the Right Tool for the Job Ensures That You Get What You Need to Make Your Investments in Preventive Maintenance Pay Off!

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How Does FleetPal Do It?

VMRS Codes

Built on Solid Foundations

FleetPal Software Tools are built on the foundation of the VMRS Code Structure that was developed by the Technology and Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations. For nearly half of a century it has been the common language that the industry uses to communicate about equipment, maintenance, and repairs.

Customizable Templates

The FleetPal platform allows users to build Asset Templates for every piece of equipment in their fleet and Inspection Templates that put all of your equipment on a schedule while they keep all of your people on the same page. Because the templates incorporate VMRS codes, all of the work you do building templates reduces or eliminates redundant data-entry tasks moving forward.

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Set Up 3

Premium Features

Because FleetPal Connect was built exclusively for heavy-duty equipment in the commercial trucking industry—it offers all of the premium features that you would expect to find in the software solutions that cater to the national and international mega-fleets. FleetPal believes that all-size fleets deserve big-time solutions! So, we packed our preventive maintenance management tools with everything you’ll need and none of what you don’t.

Your Bottom Line is THE Bottom Line

A software solution that is easy to set-up and manage is only as good as the results that it delivers. The real value of FleetPal is what it saves you and your team in time, effort, and expenses over the long-haul. Marginal costs are one of the easiest areas to make in-roads toward improving total cost of ownership in fleet management. FleetPal delivers you the control to get it done without requiring a whole department to keep your preventive maintenance plan on track.

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